Four in one sweep!

1. HP reducing station with directly mounted pneumatic actuatorType ADUV-100-350-60Body shape: Angle shapeNominal size: DN100/DN350Nominal pressure rating: PN160 / PN16 Overall lengthsInlet: 300 mm, outlet:…

Steam control valve for the far north

Valve type: ADRV-250-250-150-PN160 Pipe Size Inlet: DN250 End Connection: Buttwelded Dimensions of pipe connection: Ø271 * 16mm Material 1.7335 (13CrMo45) Outlet: DN250 End Connection: Buttwelded…

Delivery for a Danish power plant

Steam control valve Type ADRV-80-100-60 Body design: angle shape Nominal size: inlet DN80 end connection: welded type outlet DN100 end connection: welded type Material: 1.5415…

Turbine valves for an Austrian plant

– Turbine control valves Steam-converting valve Type ADUV-80-80-60-PN100 Body design in Z-shape Calculation pressure: 35 bar Calculation temperature: 430°C Material: 16Mo3 (1.5415) 1 piece Water…

Manufacturing in only 13 weeks!

Gate valve Type AKS-350-350-330-AR3 DN 350 Calculation pressure: 55 bar Calculation temperature: 568°C Material: X10CrMoVNb9-1 (1.4903) with body overpressure protection Type AGBS / DN 15…

Feed water control valve

Body design in straight-through form DN100 / PN16 Material: P250GH Calculation pressure: 16 bar Calculation temperature: 200°C 2 pieces

Wedge Gate Valve

Type AKS-125-125-118-AR6 DN125 Design pressure: 131,5 / 141 / 128 bar Design temperature: 530 / 530 / 550°C 12 pieces

Gate valve

Type AKS-150-150-140-PN160 with body overpressure protection Type AGBS/DN15 Design pressure: 88 bar Design temperature: 510°C

Ready for action!

Valve combination DN 175 for a northern european power plant customer – gate valve – check valve – control valve Operating overpressure (PS) 301 bar…

Europe is calling!

This week we were able to deliver on time for a large chemical company: Wedge gate valve with pneumatic actuator (quick close) DN 4″ /…

4 wins!

high pressure gate valve Type AKS 300-300-280-PN100 DN 300/300 PN100 Material: 16Mo3 (1.5415) Calculation pressure: 90 bar Calculation temperature: 475°C

Special valves as its best

Valve combination DN 175 for a northern european power plant customer – gate valve – check valve – control valve Operating overpressure (PS) 301 bar…

Control valve type AWRV

DN500/500 PN10 Material: P250GH Calculation pressure: 10 barCalculation temperature: 20°C KV value: 1.000-3.000 m3/h Actuator: SIPOS AKTORIK 2 SA 7543-2C1

Gate valves

2 pieces DN250 / PN100 Material: 16Mo3 (1.5415) Calculation pressure: 70 bar Calculation temperature: 450°C Actuator Drehmo DMC500 spur gearboxes Auma GST 16.1 and Manual…

Innovation enters series production!

Body overpressure protection type AGBS / DN 15 “All-in-One”. Equipment part with safety function according to data sheet 0.4021.2707.01 Shut-off valve with additional ball through…

A full dozen!

2 pieces high pressure wedge gate valve type AKS-50-50-44-AR6 DN50 / PN320 Design data: TS 300° C/ PS 320 bar Material: 16Mo3 (1.5415) 10 pieces…

Ready, set, go!

Gate valve Type AKS-150-150-130-AR6 DN150 From ordering to delivery only 8-9 weeks! Material: X10CrMoVNb9-1 (1.4903) Calculation temperature: 587°C Calculation pressure: 178,5 bar with overpressure protection…

Our Top 3 of the week!

Now they will be packed seaworthy and shipped to a global player in the chemical industry. Steam control valve Type ADRV-300-300-140 with actuator DN 300/300,…

Strength and leak test

Steam reduction station with downstream injection cooling systemDN 150 / 250 PN 100 flow rate 30-45 t/h Injection water control valve DN 25 / PN…

Control valves

DN 25 to DN 65 / PN 500 Material: 10CrMo910 (1.7380) calculation temperature: 540°C single-stage to three-stage

China we are coming!

Our control valve is on its way to Shanghai. Type AWRV-2″-2″-#1500LBS with pneumatic actuator Design pressure: 78 bar Design temperature: 615C° Acceptance according to ASME/ANSI…

Special Valves made by AAS

We offer our customers not just any result, but individual solutions – and this throughout Germany and Europe. Here: A complete delivery unit consisting of…

High-Performance Made in Germany!

Four high pressure gate valves have left our production directly to a satisfied customer: DN225, material: X10CrWMoVNb9.2 (1.4901) Design pressure: 306 bar Design Temperature: 615°C…

We are ready!

Our preparation to produce 4 steam gate valves is in progress. DN225 Material: X10CrMoVNb9-2 Temperature: 615 °C Working pressure: 306 bar

Get-together at aas gmbh

We invited to a reception on the occasion of our move into our own building. Mayor Ulrike Westkamp visited us with the representative of the…

We moved!

In May 2020 we finally moved into our new office building with adjacent hall on Rudolf-Diesel-Strasse in Wesel. We are happy to have more space…

1st major order for ARED-V

Thanks to ARED-V – our patented and worldwide first high pressure shut-off, drainage and control valve that is wear-free and without pressure loss (material 1.4903)…

a new state-of-the-art server

To accommodate the rapid growth of our company, we purchased a new state-of-the-art server in August 2012. The conversion and installation were completed with no…

Documentation system (DMS)

We have invested in a new documentation system (DMS) in order to ensure that our operational processes are properly documented. The conversion and installation went…

Framework agreement

We are pleased to have entered into a framework agreement with RWE Power AG for the repair and testing of safety valves.

new measuring equipment

Acquisition and installation of new measuring equipment for safety and control valves. Special thanks to the manufacturing companies for providing professional training for our employees.

container fleet

We’ve expanded our container fleet! We have invested in two additional workshop containers and equipped them with tools and machines.


AAS GmbH Armaturen Anlagen Service plans to expand the production halls in October 2013 and to purchase the related machinery. In this context, we intend…

customer audit

On 13 November, a customer audit was carried out in our facility. We are delighted that we were certified with no reservations.

VGB conference

Between 18 and 20 February 2014, aas GmbH attended the VGB conference in Dresden for the first time. We were delighted by the high level…

Capacity expansion

In April, we increased our premises to 800 m². The resulting advantages include increased capacity and optimised repair processes and maintenance planning.

Fleet Expansion

In order to offer our customers even better and faster on-site service, we have expanded our fleet by adding two modern, fully equipped service vehicles.

Framework agreement

We are pleased that in October 2015, we were able to conclude an additional framework agreement for valve repairs.

Christmas greetings

As the new year approaches, we wish you stillness and serenity as you look inward and forward, so that – with fresh momentum – you…

VKS 11 in stock

Reproduction of VKS 11 components: ⇒Spindles ⇒Threaded bushings DN 15 – 50 DN > 160 The spare parts and seals are available from stock

Premium valves from aas GmbH

Customers value the safety and efficiency of our valves Operators of fossil-fuel power plants, which require increasingly rapid start-up and shut-down times in addition to…

Valve production

Reducing station DN 50/150 Material 1.7380 Reducing station with injection DN 25/PN 16 Material 1.5415 Voriger Nächster

aas GmbH at DIAM 2019

DIAM (German Trade Fair for Industrial Valves), 2019 is already over. We really enjoyed the personal one-to-one talks with you as our customers. It is…

aas GmbH at VGB PowerTech

The VGB maintenance conference is over and we would like to thank you for visiting our booth. We hope that the event was as interesting…

2017 Annual Review

aas Armaturen Anlagen Service GmbH can look back on a successful year 2017 – the business forecasts for 2018 are also very positive. This success…

October 2017

Other framework contracts have been finalized in valve repair and online safety valve testing.

customer audit

In March a customer audit was carried out in our company. We are pleased that we were certified without complaint.
Your way to us

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