A varied mix for a Northern European power plant customer

Quick-closing valve Type AAV-200-200-140 DN200/200 Material: 13CrMo44 (1.7335) / 16Mo3 (1.5415) 1 piece Control valve Type ADRV-200-400-70 DN200/400 Material: 16Mo3 (1.1.5415) / X6CrNiTi 18-10 (1.4541) 1 piece Shut-off valve Type AV-200-200-160 DN200/200 Material: 13CrMo44 (1.7335) 2 pieces Control valve Type ADR-200-300-125 DN200/300 Material: 13CrMo44 (1.7335) 2 pieces

Each: Design pressure: 290 bar Design temperature: 457°C

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Gate valves

Type AKS-150-150-140-PN160 DN 150 / PN 160 / 1.7335 Nominal pressure: PN 160 Nominal size: DN 150 Body material: 13CrMo44 (1.7335) Seat diameter: 140 mm…

Reducing station R5 10-6bar track

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