Your specialist for special and standard valves

with 40 years of experience

Your specialist for special and standard valves

with 40 years of experience

Your specialist for special and standard valves

with 40 years of experience

Volker Wurzer - General Manager

Welcome to aas GmbH

aas GmbH presents its services as a manufacturer of high-pressure valves. We supply our customers with isolation valves, control valves, steam conditioning valves and turbine bypass stations, as used in power plants, industrial steam plants and process engineering.

aas GmbH was founded at the start of 2009 by former managerial technical and commercial employees after C.H. Zikesch GmbH from Duisburg, which was known all over the world, went bankrupt. For over 45 years, C.H. Zikesch GmbH had been a leader in the field of manufacturing high-pressure valves. These valves were designed and manufactured according to customer specifications.

Thanks to technological innovation and state-of-the-art advancement, aas GmbH has quickly become established at the very top of the market for high-pressure valves. These include an especially quiet steam conditioning valve as well as a steam conditioning valve with ultra-fast temperature control.

Since 01/03/2019, aas GmbH has been manufacturing high-pressure valves using the expertise of former employees of C.H. Zikesch GmbH from Duisburg, as well as other well-renowned valve manufacturers. High-pressure valves produced by aas GmbH are, of course, manufactured in Wesel in accordance with the valid guidelines, such as DIN EN ISO 9001, AD 2000 and PED 2014/68/EU.

Our customers value reliability, durability and perfect suitability for the respective field of use. We offer precisely that: We have been manufacturing customer-specific, innovative solutions in the valve sector from the very beginning. Users place their trust in the safety of our valves. Fossil power plants, which, in addition to renewable energies, have to start up and shut down increasingly quickly and therefore require durable materials, place their trust in the valve experts based in Wesel. We don’t just adapt to the changed conditions but, rather, we shape the future.
State-of-the-art waste incineration systems, gas and steam cogeneration plants and biomass power plants achieve unparalleled efficiency nowadays, which is, at least in part, thanks to aas GmbH.


Just recently we filed an application for a patent of the world’s first high pressure shut-off, drainage and control valve that is wear-free and without pressure loss.

For us, our quality standards are the top priority of the company.

Quality with 40 years of experience

Valve service on site

We take over the revision planning, the maintenance and repair of your valves as well as the replication of necessary spare parts for you. Mobile workshop equipment ensures that all processing is carried out without delay and economically. We document our work and test results in detail for you, which enables us to offer you the best possible transparency.

Individual finishing

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