Lever safety valves for a large steel producer

Inlet flange: DN200, PN10 Outlet flange: DN400, PN10 Body in welded design Seat diameter: 200mm Overall length: 795 mmSet pressure: 2,1 bar Material: S355JR with mounted oil brake Material certificates according to EN 10204-3.1 Final inspection EN 10204-3.2 with type approval 3 pieces

April showers bring May flowers: Gate valve bottle drain

Type AKS-150-150-140-AR5 Nominal width: DN 150 Material: 13CrMo 44 (1.7335) Seat diameter 140 mm Calculation pressure: 260 bar Calculation temperature: 422°C Differential pressure for actuator sizing: 285 bar with body overpressure protection Type AGBS / DN15 Equipment part with safety function Shut-off valve with additional sealing via ball through medium and with integrated bursting disc […]

Designed and manufactured for a German company in the food industry

Steam forming station with downstream motive steam injection Water inlet via spring-loaded injection nozzle in the outlet Inlet: DN 200 / PN 250 Material: 10CrMo 910 (1.7380) Outlet: DN 400 / PN 64 Material: 16Mo3 (1.5416) Calculation pressure: Inlet: 100 bar / Outlet: 45 bar Calculation temperature: Inlet: 535 °C / Outlet: 450 °C Seat: […]

Turbine valves for an Austrian plant

– Turbine control valves Steam-converting valve Type ADUV-80-80-60-PN100 Body design in Z-shape Calculation pressure: 35 bar Calculation temperature: 430°C Material: 16Mo3 (1.5415) 1 piece Water control valve with pneumatic actuator Type AWRV-15-15-12-PN160 1 piece – Tap valve Check valve with auxiliary actuator Type ARK-80-80-PN100 Body design in straight-through form Calculation pressure: 35 bar Calculation temperature: […]

Manufacturing in only 13 weeks!

Gate valve Type AKS-350-350-330-AR3 DN 350 Calculation pressure: 55 bar Calculation temperature: 568°C Material: X10CrMoVNb9-1 (1.4903) with body overpressure protection Type AGBS / DN 15 All-in-One

Successful manufacturing for a German power plant

Gate valve Type AKS-80-80-76-AR6 DN80 / PN400 Calculation pressure: 378 bar Calculation temperature: 200°C Material: 16Mo3 (1.5415) with body overpressure protection Type AGBS / DN 15 All-in-One

It goes on and on …

Wedge Gate valves DN200 Design pressure: 145 bar Design temperature: 535°C Material: 10CrMo910 (1.7380) 2 pieces

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