HP steam reduction station in straight-through design with injection water control valve

Type ADUV-400-700-215 According to data sheet 9.7035.20.163.02 Nominal size: 400/700 Overall length: 1700 mm Material Inlet: P250GH (1.0460) Outlet: P250GH (1.0460) Injection: P250GH (1.0460) Inlet: Flange DN400 / PN 10 Outlet: Flange DN700 / PN 10 Stroke: 90 mm Characteristic: Linear / mod. KV max at 100% stroke: 1070.00 m ³/h Flow rate: 37.9 t/h […]

Manufactured for a Turkish power plant: Feed Water Control Valve

Type AWRV-250-250 Data Sheet No.: 9.7035.20.309.01 Pipe Size Inlet: DN250 End Connection: Buttwelded Material 1.6368 (15NiCuMoNb45) Outlet: DN250 End Connection: Buttwelded Material 1.5415 (16Mo3) Dimensions of pipe connection: Inlet: 273*17,5 mm Outlet: 273*17,5 mm Body Material: 1.5415 (16Mo3) Design Pressure: Inlet: 223bar Outlet: 18bar Design Temperature Inlet: 375°C Outlet: 380°C Seat: Ø80/125 Stroke: 90mm No […]

Four in one sweep!

1. HP reducing station with directly mounted pneumatic actuatorType ADUV-100-350-60Body shape: Angle shapeNominal size: DN100/DN350Nominal pressure rating: PN160 / PN16 Overall lengthsInlet: 300 mm, outlet: 700 mMaterial: 13CrMo44 / P235GH ConnectionsInlet: Weld end DN100 / PN160, D. 114.3 x 6.3 mmOutlet: Weld end DN350 / PN16, D. 355.6 x 5.6 mmWater: Flange DN25 PN16 Dimensioning       Pressure: […]

Steam control valve for the far north

Valve type: ADRV-250-250-150-PN160 Pipe Size Inlet: DN250 End Connection: Buttwelded Dimensions of pipe connection: Ø271 * 16mm Material 1.7335 (13CrMo45) Outlet: DN250 End Connection: Buttwelded Dimensions of pipe connection: Ø271 * 14,2mm Material 1.7335 (13CrMo45) Body: machined from forged steel Material 1.7335 (13CrMo45) Design Pressure Inlet: PS=122 bar Outlet: PS=122 bar Design Temperature Inlet: TS= […]

Swing check valve for a German power plant customer

DN 200 1.5415/1.6368 R6 Type ARK 200-200-190 Nominal size: DN 200 Calculation pressure: 381 bar Calculation temperature: 180 °C Body material: 1.5415 Seat diameter: 190 mm Inlet: Flange DN 200/PN500 Weld ends DIN EN ISO 9692-1, F1.3 SE: pipe connection dimension: outlet 228 x 20 mm Wd. Outlet material: 1.6368 with minimum flow water branch […]

Feed water control valve for a thermal waste utilization plant in northern Germany

Body design in straight-way form Nominal size / pressure rating Inlet DN 80 / PN100 Weld end design Material 1.5415 (16Mo3) Outlet DN 80 / PN100 Weld end design Material 1.5415 (16Mo3) Calculation pressure: 76 bar Calculation temperature: 200°C Seat: Ø 40 Stroke: 30mm Kvs: 19 m³/h Number of stages: 1 Control element: perforated basket […]

Our shut-off valve ARED-V in straightway form – Prototype DN20 PN160 –

Body material: X10CrMoVNb9-1 (1.4903) Seat bush material: X10CrMoVNb9-1 (1.4913) Closure material: X10CrMoVNb9-1(1.4903) Flange material inlet & outlet: 13CrMo4-5 (1.7335) Design: Ts: 480°C; Ps: 74 bar; Pp: 240 bar Welding ends/welding socket: SE n. DIN EN 12627 pipe connection dimension: Ø 26,9 x 2,3mm valve lift: 30mm seat diameter: 19,5mm overall length: 250 mm Handwheel version […]

Delivery for a German manufacturer of industrial biomaterials

1. steam-converting valve with injection Type ADUV-250-350-150 Nominal size / pressure stage: Inlet DN250 / PN10 Outlet DN350 / PN10 Flange version Material: 1.0460 With downstream injection nozzle in the outlet; Injection nozzle – spring-loaded version Calculation pressure: Inlet: 5bar Outlet: 5bar Calculation temperature: Inlet: 200°C Outlet: 200°C Seat: Ø150 Stroke: 90mm Kvs: 500m³/h Number […]

Delivery for a Danish power plant

Steam control valve Type ADRV-80-100-60 Body design: angle shape Nominal size: inlet DN80 end connection: welded type outlet DN100 end connection: welded type Material: 1.5415 Design pressure: inlet: 45bar outlet: 38bar Design temperature: inlet: 300°C outlet: 270°C Seat: Ø60mm Stroke: 40mm Kvs: 51m³/h No. of stages: 2 Positioner: input signal 4-20mA, feedback 4-20mA Air filter […]

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