High-pressure shut-off, drainage and control valve in straight form type ARED-V The newly developed ARED-V© shut-off valve offers considerable savings potential in terms of system availability and maintenance costs. The unique feature: the valve has a passage that runs straight through the body. This prevents erosion and cavitation, for example. It has a modular design and requires only a small stock of spare parts.
Other aggressive and non-aggressive media such as oil an gas upon request

ARED-V 15-25 / DN 15-25, PN 250-500

ARED-V 32-65 / DN 32-65, PN 250-500

ARED-V 15-25 / DN 15-25, PN 40-160

ARED-V 32-65 / DN 32-65, PN 40-160

Double seal/flange seal (body) Sealing element/control plate Throttle insert
Body material
Werkstoff ASTM Werkstoffnummer
C 22.8 A105 1.0460
16Mo3 A182 F1 1.5415
15NiCuMoNb5 A533 1.6368
13 CrMo45 A182 F12 1.7335
10CrMo910 A182 F22 1.7380
X20CrMoV121 1.4922
X10CrMoVNb9.1 A182 F91 1.4903
X10CrWMoVNb9.2 A182 F92 1.4905
X3CrNiMoBN 17 13 3 A376 1.4910
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