High pressure shut-off, drainage and control valve in straight form

    Type ARED-V

    Assembly Unit

    ARED-V 15-25 / DN 15-25, PN 250-500

    ARED-V 32-50 / DN 32-50, PN 250-500

    ARED-V 15-25 / DN 15-25, PN 40-160

    ARED-V 32-50 / DN 32-50, PN 40-160

    Other aggressive and non-aggressive media such as oil an gas upon request
    Wear-free and shut-off valve without pressure loss
    Increase of energy efficiency
    Considerable increase of lifetime
    Larger availability of production facility
    Longer maintenance intervals
    Considerably shorter assembly time for valve replacement
    Modular design / four assembly groups for all valves
    Seating rings interchangeable
    Seating rings amored with laser process
    Sealing element made of Stellit 6
    Simple retrofitting to power unit
    Main Use
    Conventional power plants
    Process engineering
    Boiler feed/ boiler drainage
    Chemical industry
    Petrochemical industry
    Paper industry and pulp industry
    Sugar industry
    Descaling plants
    Nominal pressurePN 250-500
    Nominal pressure 1)PN 40-160
    Nominal sizeDN 10-65
    Max. permissible pressure500 bar
    Max. permissible pressure 1)160 bar
    Min. permissible temperature-10 °C
    Max. permissible temperature+ 650 °C
    Overview of Materials available

    Werkstoff ASTM Werkstoffnummer Temperaturgrenze
    C 22.8 1.0460 ≤ 480 °C
    16Mo3 A182 F11 1.5415 ≤ 530 °C
    15NiCuMoNb5 1.6368 ≤ 450 °C
    13 CrMo45 A182 F11 1.7335 ≤ 550 °C
    10CrMo910 A182 F22 1.7380 ≤ 580 °C
    X20CrMoV121 1.4922 ≤ 650 °C
    X10CrMoVNb9.1 A182 F91 1.4903 ≤ 650 °C
    X10CrWMoVNb9.2 A182 F92 1.4905 ≤ 650 °C
    X3CrNiMoBN 17 13 3 1.4910 ≤ 650 °C

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    High pressure shut-off, drainage and control valve in straight form

    (Type ARED-V)

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