Body Overpressure Protection Type AGBS

Body Overpressure Protection Type AGBS – Patent pending

The new development of our body overpressure protection “All-in-One” type AGBS features the compact interaction of shut-off valve, sealing via ball through medium and integrated bursting disc. With the closed body unit “All-in-One” we offer the advantage of the relaxation of condensate, the double shut-off and the associated replacement possibility of the bursting disc during operation.

The body overpressure protection complies with the safety requirements Annex I of the PED for uids of group 1 and 2. The production is performed according to DIN EN ISO 9001, AD 2000, PED 2014/68/EU and ASME B16.34.



Pipe size

DN 15

Material-dependent temperature limits

up to +650°C

Type of actuation
Hand wheel from above
Body design

Angle with outlet downwards


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