Steam control valve in straight form

Type ADRV300-300-140-PN100-3 Nominal size: 300/300 Total length: 880 mm Nominal size inlet: DN300 PN100 in flange design Nominal size outlet: DN300 PN100 in flange design Connection and sealing strip: DIN EN 1092-1 B Material: P250GH Flow to medium closes, flow to close Seat diameter: Ø140mm Valve stroke = 80mm Design pressures: inlet 55 bar / […]

Steam flow control valve / Steam converting valve with injection

Steam flow control valve Body design in straight-through form Nominal size / pressure rating Inlet DN150 / PN100 Design: Weld end Material: 1.7335 Inlet velocity: v= 52.5m/s Outlet DN250 / PN100 Design: Weld end Material: 1.5415 Velocity at outlet; v= 178.3m/s Calculation pressure Inlet: PS= 50bar Outlet: PS= 50bar Calculation temperature Inlet: TS= 450°C Seat: […]

Control and shut-off valves for a German waste management company

1) Control valve in straight-through design, 2 pieces Overall length: 290 mm Inlet DN65 / PN40 Material P250GH Outlet DN65 / PN40 Material P250GH Flange design Design parameters Calculation pressure Inlet: 18 bar Outlet: 18 bar Calculation temperature Inlet: 300 °C Outlet: 300 °C Seat: Ø 55 mm Stroke: 35 mm Kvs: 63 m³/h Number […]

Drain Control Valve

Type AWRV-250-250 Pipe Size Inlet: DN250 End Connection: Buttwelded Material 1.6368 (15NiCuMoNb45) Outlet: DN250 End Connection: Buttwelded Material 1.5415 (16Mo3) Dimensions of pipe connection: Inlet: 273*17,5 mm Outlet: 273*17,5 mm Body Material: 1.5415 (16Mo3) Design Pressure Inlet: 223bar Outlet: 18bar Design Temperature Inlet: 375°C Outlet: 380°C Seat: Ø80/125 Stroke: 90mm No of Stages: 1 Leak […]

We can do that too – Reverse engineering!

Body swing check valve DN400, RF60 S201, seat Ø315 Suitable for butterfly valve BBC according to drawing HTGR 001801 To replace the existing cast body made of forged steel, material 1.7335 (13CrMo4-5) Material acceptance 3.2, final acceptance 3.1, Manufactured in accordance with PED 2014l6BlEU and AD2000 The scope of delivery is the housing, including assembly […]

Gate valves

Type AKS-150-150-140-PN160 DN 150 / PN 160 / 1.7335 Nominal pressure: PN 160 Nominal size: DN 150 Body material: 13CrMo44 (1.7335) Seat diameter: 140 mm Calculation pressures: 86 bar Calculation temperatures: 510 °C Test pressures for pressure test: 240 bar Differential pressure for actuator sizing: 80 bar

Steam conditioning station with downstream motive steam injection

Water injection via spring-loaded injection nozzle in the outlet, corner body design Nominal size / pressure rating: Inlet DN400 / PN64 Outlet DN800 / PN16 Material 16Mo3 Water injection DN40 PN160 Material 16Mo3 Flange design EN1092-1/B1 Design parameters: Calculation pressure Inlet: 56 bar Outlet: 14 bar Calculation temperature Inlet: 450 °C Outlet: 200 °C

Reducing station R5 10-6bar track

Type ADUV-250-250-150 Straight-through body design Body Material GP240GH (1.0619) Flange design Water connection Material P250GH (1.0460) Design parameters 25 bar / 250 °C Seat: Ø 150 Stroke: 90 mm Kvs: 505 m³/h Reduction stages: Number of stages: 2 Control element: Control cone with 2 reduction stages as perforated cylinder with water injection via integrated motive […]

Injection control valve / Water control valve

Type AWRV-50-50-26-PN400 Nominal size / pressure rating / flange Inlet Ø60.3 x 6.3 Material 1.5415 Outlet Ø60.3 x 6.3 Seat: Ø 26 Stroke: 30 mm Number of stages: 2 Controlled stages: 2 with lever

Water control valve in globe form

Type AWRV-50-50-25-PN160-PA Material: Inlet P250GH / flange DN 50 / PN 160 Outlet P250GH / flange DN 50 / PN 160 Stroke 25 mm Seat diameter 25 mmCharacteristic: Linear modified Calculation pressure 100 bar Calculation temperature 250 °C Flow rate 10953 kg/h Inlet pressure 45 barInlet temperature 120 °C KVS max at 100% stroke 7.60 […]

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