Europe is calling!

This week we were able to deliver on time for a large chemical company: Wedge gate valve with pneumatic actuator (quick close) DN 4″ / 4 Class 600 Production according to ASTM Type: AKS-4″-4″-94-Class600-3 Design pressure: 90 bar Design temperature: 110°C Material: A105

4 wins!

high pressure gate valve Type AKS 300-300-280-PN100 DN 300/300 PN100 Material: 16Mo3 (1.5415) Calculation pressure: 90 bar Calculation temperature: 475°C

Special valves as its best

Valve combination DN 175 for a northern european power plant customer – gate valve – check valve – control valve Operating overpressure (PS) 301 bar Operating temperature (TS) 436 °C Material: 15NiCuMoNb5 (1.6368)

Feed water control valve

in angle form DN100 / PN100 KVS 26m3/h pneumatic positioner type EP2512-00 / 4-20mt own branding

Control valve type AWRV

DN500/500 PN10 Material: P250GH Calculation pressure: 10 barCalculation temperature: 20°C KV value: 1.000-3.000 m3/h Actuator: SIPOS AKTORIK 2 SA 7543-2C1

Gate valves

2 pieces DN250 / PN100 Material: 16Mo3 (1.5415) Calculation pressure: 70 bar Calculation temperature: 450°C Actuator Drehmo DMC500 spur gearboxes Auma GST 16.1 and Manual version with Auma bevel gearbox Type GK 16.2

A varied mix for a Northern European power plant customer

Quick-closing valve Type AAV-200-200-140 DN200/200 Material: 13CrMo44 (1.7335) / 16Mo3 (1.5415) 1 piece Control valve Type ADRV-200-400-70 DN200/400 Material: 16Mo3 (1.1.5415) / X6CrNiTi 18-10 (1.4541) 1 piece Shut-off valve Type AV-200-200-160 DN200/200 Material: 13CrMo44 (1.7335) 2 pieces Control valve Type ADR-200-300-125 DN200/300 Material: 13CrMo44 (1.7335) 2 pieces Each: Design pressure: 290 bar […]

There we go: finished four weeks before delivery date!

With the early delivery of the four gate valves we were able to make another customer happy. 2 pieces type AKS-300-300-AR2-1 DN 300/300 PN100 Material: 16Mo3/13CrMo44 (1.541/1.7335) Calculation pressure: 75 bar Calculation temperature: 470°C with overpressure protection 2 pieces type AKS-150-150-AR3-2 DN 150/150 PN100 Material: 16Mo3/13CrMo44 (1.541/1.7335) Calculation pressure: 75 bar Calculation temperature: […]