Water control valve in globe form

Type AWRV-50-50-25-PN160-PA
Inlet P250GH / flange DN 50 / PN 160
Outlet P250GH / flange DN 50 / PN 160

Stroke 25 mm
Seat diameter 25 mm
Characteristic: Linear modified

Calculation pressure 100 bar
Calculation temperature 250 °C
Flow rate 10953 kg/h
Inlet pressure 45 bar
Inlet temperature 120 °C
KVS max at 100% stroke 7.60 m3/h
Differential pressure for actuator design: 45 bar

Body made of forged material
Compact design
Modular design
Short inspection times
Components can be easily replaced
Directly mounted actuator
Spring closes
Supply pressure 6 bar
Spring range 1.4 – 2.8 bar
Positioner Sipart PS2
Air filter – standard
Pipework – standard
Paint finish – standard RAL2000

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