We undertake revision planning, maintenance and repair of your valves as well as reproduction of the necessary spare parts. We document our services and the test results in construction site documents, modification drawings, test documents and lifecycle files. This way we can offer you a high level of transparency.

Revision planning
  • Valve revision management
  • Customer Service
  • Creation of quality assurance documents for the construction site
  • Creation of modification drawings
Valve Maintenance
  • Preparatory measures for maintenanance
  • Modification and refurbishment of valves
  • On-site services
  • Emergency services
Valve repairs
  • Repair and refurbishment in our facility workshop
  • On-site valve modification and refurbishment
Reproduction of Spare Parts
  • Scanning of old valve components
  • Creation of CAD models
  • Evaluation and setting of functional clearances
  • Reproduction of spare parts of all other manufacturers
  • Creation of accompanying component test
  • Creation of pre-test documents with welding diagrams
  • Safety valve check with automatic test protocol (facility workshop)
  • Transparency through documentation of lifecycle papers
New production of fittings and construction

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