Mobile editing

We offer a wide range of on-site turning and welding technology through our mobile workshops. This ensures mechanical processing of valves of all manufacturers and plant components in a timely and economical manner.

We have the following mobile systems:

  • Workshop container
  • Blasting container
  • Storage container
  • Office container
  • Sanitary container
  • Lathe container

Our mobile equipment enables us to offer a wide range of on-site processing techniques:

  • Flange turning
  • Inside turning
  • Face turning


This way we process stoppers, sealings and functional surfaces and flanges; displacing and turning of seat bushings is possible as well.

Mobile welding technology compliments our processing techniques:

  • Welding machines (WIG/E-141/111)
  • Partly-programmed welding machines (vMAG/136)
  • Heat-treatment equipment

Customized weldings are easily available; in addition, we also process stoppers and covers as well as sealing surfaces and functional surfaces.

On-site Structural Examination

To determine the degree of fatigue and the remaining lifespan according to TRD 508, we offer on-site structural examination. The quality assurance documents (pre-test documents, welding drawings) are created by  AAS GmbH.